Breaking: UK Govt Admits COVID-19 a Cover For Depopulation Program

COVID restrictions being used as cover for UN-directed program to test covert depopulation plan


The American people are waking up This, ladies and gentlemen, is how the globalists are using…

Propaganda Network CNN Tries, Fails to Debunk National File’s Reporting on Violent Iowa BLM Protest

CNN, a network that admittedly engages in propaganda, has tried and failed to debunk National File’s…

BREAKING: BLM Martyr Daunte Wright Was Wanted For Aggravated Robbery, Allegedly Choked Woman At Gunpoint

White allegedly used a black pistol with silver trim, which he reportedly then displayed in an…

Project Veritas Exposes CNN’s Technical Director, Admits Network Engaged In Anti-Trump ‘Propaganda’

Project Veritas has released undercover footage of CNN’s Technical Director Charlie Chester admitting the network engaged…

America First Radio Host Stew Peters Host Turns Down Major Contract, Refuses To ‘Bow To Compromised Networks’

Peters promised to "remain true to my message, true to America first principles," and warned that…

CDC and FDA Call for Halt on Use Of Johnson and Johnson Vaccine over Fatal Blood Clots

The CDC and FDA have issued a joint statement, calling for a halt on the use…

Breaking: Infowars Reporter Sam Montoya Arrested for Covering Jan. 6 Capitol Riot

As American cities burn at the hands of Soros-funded leftists, the Biden-controlled Justice Dept. accelerates its…

Only Stores Left Untouched In Minneapolis Area Riots Were Guarded By Armed Civilians

Rioters promising "revolution" shy away from conflict from vigilant armed citizens

Howard Stern’s Fake Alex Jones Refutes ‘PuppetGate’, Claims Alex Jones The Real Puppet!

Daily Mail had falsely claimed satirical puppet on Howard Stern was the real Alex Jones

Shocking Video: Minors Loaded On Planes To Be Given To Random Strangers

A look into the Biden-Harris illegal immigration pipeline

Anchor Baby Scam: Dozens Of Pregnant Illegal Immigrants Arrive In The Dark Of Night In Texas

You won't see this on the news.

Biden Claims He Wants One-on-One Meeting With Putin After Ducking Same Offer From Russia

Putin previously offered to meet with Biden on March 18. Biden declined, with the White House…

Brett Favre Slams Politicized Sports – Fans Just Want To Watch The Game

"I want to watch all the important parts of the game, not what’s going on outside…

Retailers Under Pressure to Not Call Police on Minority Shoplifters

‘Diversity specialists’ push for lax enforcement of ‘low-level crimes’

African Migrants Storm Border Fence of Spanish Enclave

Up to 150 migrants attempt latest invasion of Ceuta

Incredible Footage: Busload Of Pregnant Illegal Immigrants Arrive In Texas in Dark Of Night

Cameras rolling as illegal immigrant pipeline in full swing.