CNN’s Cuomo, Lemon: If Hicks, Trump Had Worn Masks ‘We May Not Be in This Situation’

“This is more about a person at the top setting the example.”

‘The Tech Giants Are Silencing Those Who Hold Different Opinions’: Hungary Govt Twitter Account Suspended

"If you have another opinion to the liberal mainstream — on migration… these mistakes seem to…

Fact Check: Chris Wallace and Joe Biden Repeat Charlottesville ‘Very Fine People Hoax’ at Presidential Debate

Biden has repeated this hoax since the beginning of his campaign. Wallace knows better.

Pakistani Migrant Paris Attacker Revealed to Be 25 Not 18

A source close to the investigation told Le Figaro that the video was meant to express…

Leftist Group Fueling Democrat Senate Campaigns at Center of Attacks on Amy Coney Barrett’s Children

“As an adoptee, I need to know more about the circumstances of how Amy Coney Barrett…

Nancy Pelosi Prepares for House of Representatives Vote to Elect the President

The House could decide the election if no candidate achieves a majority in the Electoral College.

UK Schools Told to Teach ‘Cancel Culture’ Is Harmful, Not to Promote ‘Victim Narratives’

Mandatory relationships and sex education (RSE) comes into force in British schools this month.

Reports: Donald Trump Intends to Pick Amy Coney Barrett to Replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg

“I haven’t said it was her but she is outstanding,” the president said.

Joe Biden, Kamala Harris Tweet: ‘Say Her Name’ amid Street Protests

The slogan, “Say Her Name” or “Say His Name,” is frequently used to rally protesters against…

Facebook, YouTube, Twitter Agree to Common Definition of ‘Hate Speech’

The agreement came after sustained pressure against Facebook by the advertising industry, which has engaged in…

Britons Are Swamping Police Line to Rat on Neighbours: Report

Senior sources told the newspaper of record that people were informing on their neighbours over minor…

Graham: ‘We’ve Got the Votes to Confirm Justice Ginsburg’s Replacement Before the Election’ and ‘That’s What’s Coming’

Graham also vowed that the nominee to replace Ginsburg on the Supreme Court will be supported…

Lindsey Graham Says He Backs Trump in ‘Any Effort to Move Forward’ on RBG Vacancy

Graham’s statement appears to put to rest Republican fears that he might favor leaving Ginsburg’s seat…

Blue Checks Vow Violence If McConnell Tries to Replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg: ‘Burn the Entire F**king Thing Down’

“If they even TRY to replace RBG we burn the entire fucking thing down.”

Hillary Clinton: Dems Must Employ Every Possible ‘Obstacle’ to Stop McConnell from Replacing Ginsburg

"I don’t want to see that legacy ripped up by political hypocrisy coming from Mitch McConnell.”