Virginia Military Institute To De-Person Stonewall Jackson, Re-Attribute Quotes in Soviet-Style Purge

Stonewall Jackson's name will be forgotten, and his quotes will be attributed to people who did…

Virginia Teachers Unions Plan Power Grab, Critical Theory Curriculum After Public Sector Collective Bargaining Legalized

Public sector unions achieved a major victory in Virginia, and are wasting no time planning their…

Heritage Action Staff Endorses Pro-Red Flag, Abortion-Expanding Candidate for Virginia AG

Melody Himel Clarke, a Heritage Action Regional Chair, has endorsed a pro-red flag, abortion expanding candidate…

VIDEO: General Flynn Endorses Amanda Chase For Governor of Virginia

General Michael Flynn gave a video endorsement in the Virginia Governor’s race live from Florida, joining…

VIRGINIA: Attorney Who Helped Trump Fight 2020 Election In Court Announces Run For State Legislature

Pro-Trump Attorney Wren Williams is Fighting the Political Establishment in Patrick County, VA

VIDEO: Antifa Chants ‘Hit a Cop With a Baseball Bat’ During Violent Frederick, Maryland Demonstrations

Left-Wing Radicals Took to the Streets of Frederick, Maryland With a Violent Anti-Cop Message

VIRGINIA: Kiggans Tells Washington Post She’ll Use Scott Taylor Playbook in Effort to Defeat Luria

A new establishment Republican says she'll use the twice-failed establishment playbook to beat a Democrat in…

Jen Kiggans, U.S. House Hopeful in Virginia, Voted For ERA And Helped Dems Push Radical Gender Bills In Richmond

The Virginia Beach Republican has cast several questionable votes on key issues

General Flynn Begins Endorsing America First Candidates, Starts With Gun Toting Amanda Chase for Virginia Governor

General Michael Flynn has announced his endorsement of Amanda Chase for Virginia Governor, throwing his support…

Texas COVID Cases Drop to Record Lows After Scrapping Mask Mandate

COVID Cases in the State are at Their Lowest Level Since June 2020

TRUMP: Boycott MLB, Woke Companies Interfering With Free and Fair Elections

Former President Donald Trump called for boycotts of Major League Baseball and other “woke companies” accused…

BLM Martyr Ahmaud Arbery Was Known As ‘The Jogger’, Used Jogging As Alibi, Robbery Tactic – Court Docs

Ahmaud Arbery was shot by passersby when he jogged through a construction site with work boots.

Chauvin Trial: ‘Anti-Cop’ Prosecution Witness Apparently Wore Black Lives Matter T-Shirt on Stand

A prosecution witness in the Chauvin trial who dislikes police seemingly wore a Black Lives Matter…

GoFundMe Bans Fundraiser For Parents Against Critical Theory After Virginia School Board Intervenes

GoFundMe is protecting the Loudon County, Virginia school board against criticism.

Virginia Beach NAACP Accuses Cops of Racism After Officer Kills Armed Mass Shooting Suspect

A black man suspected of a committing a mass shooting brandished his gun at an officer…