BREAKING: BLM Martyr Daunte Wright Was Wanted For Aggravated Robbery, Allegedly Choked Woman At Gunpoint

White allegedly used a black pistol with silver trim, which he reportedly then displayed in an…

Only Stores Left Untouched In Minneapolis Area Riots Were Guarded By Armed Civilians

Rioters promising "revolution" shy away from conflict from vigilant armed citizens

BREAKING: Black Male Suspect Reportedly Arrested For Knoxville School Shooting, ‘Possibly Gang Related’

Video footage offers first look at reported suspect in Knoxville school shooting

BREAKING: Mass Shooting At Tennessee High School, Multiple Casualties Including Police Officer

"Multiple gunshot victims reported, including a KPD officer. The investigation remains active at this time. Please…

VIDEO: Sam Hyde Predicted Fatal Shooting By Female Cop Who Mistook Gun For Taser

"If you ever catch the eye of a female cop, hope you wore your bulletproof vest"

VIDEO: BLM Rioter Shot With Less-Lethal Round While Trying To Throw Concrete Block At Cops

BLM insurrectionist shot with less-lethal round during Minneapolis riots

VIDEO: Fauci Says It’s ‘Still Not OK’ For Vaccinated People To Eat, Drink Indoors

"You still have to be careful and not get involved in crowded situations, particularly indoors where…

VIDEO: Postal Worker Attacked, Beaten By Black Women In Search Of Biden Stimulus Money

“They tryna get that stimulus... They done hit this mail lady’s car and hopped out."

Anti-War Activist Harassed By Plainclothes Cops For Tweet Exposing AOC’s Foreign Policy Incompetence

"I felt scared, intimidated, and violated. They knew my name and where I live. It was…

HOT MIC: Ben Shapiro Tells Staff To ‘Cut’ Pansexuality Comments From Video, Warns ‘I’ll Get Boycotted’

"Can we just cut that?" ... "It is a funny bit, but that's why, I'll get…

BREAKING: Tennessee Becomes Constitutional Carry State After Biden Unveils Gun Control Plans

Tennessee becomes 19th state to institute constitutional carry after Biden promises gun control measures

BREAKING: Trump Slams ‘Lightweight RINO’ Asa Hutchinson For Defending Chemical Castration, Says ‘That’s The End Of Him’

"‘Bye-bye Asa,’ that’s the end of him!"

Biden Lies About ‘No Background Check’ At Gun Shows, Psaki Says That’s Actually ‘Not His Belief’

Biden falsely claims there's "no background check" at gun shows. Psaki says that Biden doesn't actually…

BREAKING: New Audio Reveals John Merrill Told Mistress ‘You Know I Liked That’ After Anal Play Session

Merrill admits that he "liked" engaging in anal play with mistress in new recordings

BREAKING: Medical Examiner Rules Ashli Babbitt’s Death As A Homicide, Lists No Cause Of Death For Brian Sicknick

Babbitt's cause cause of death listed as "homicide" by "gunshot wound to the left anterior shoulder"