Deported Syrian Illegal Returns to Switzerland to Commit More Violent Crimes

Violent migrant hit with fourth prison sentence in five years in Switzerland

Nightmare Fuel

Public works of art just aren't what they used to be.

Watch: Fetterman Voter Tossed Out of Restaurant For Asking About Israel-Hamas Ceasefire

Fetterman stares blankly at voter as he's assaulted for asking PA senator why he won't support…

Bill Clinton Visits to Epstein Island Confirmed In X Community Notes Fact Check

X team of researchers corrected user who incorrectly described claims that Bill Clinton visited Epstein Island…

2020 Flashback: Biden Claims Trump Will Start War With Iran

Now in 2023, it looks like Joe Biden is about to kick off a full-scale war…

Israeli Tank Fires on Civilian Car in Gaza Strip

Three people killed in shocking incident caught on camera

Ron Paul: A Pro-Liberty Speaker

A pro-liberty Speaker would work to repeal unconstitutional federal programs, agencies, and departments.

Watch: Protesters Block Drag Queen From Hosting Story Hour With Children, Event Cancelled

Parents have had enough of radical LGBTQ indoctrination of their kids in California.

WWIII ALERT: Erdogan Threatens Invasion Of Israel & Netanyahu Calls For Total Gaza Bloodbath

The geopolitical groundwork for WWIII is being laid right before our eyes -- watch to learn…


Which location is more occupied, Palestine or London?

Biden Issues Government’s First-Ever Artificial Intelligence Executive Order to ‘Support Workers, Combat Discrimination’

"AI policy is like running into a decathlon, and there's 10 different events here."

Macron to Insert Abortion in French Constitution

Procedure is currently legal until 14 weeks and requires two doctors to sign off for later…

Over 10 Million Illegals Have Crossed US Border Under Biden – Report

Numbers of apprehensions plus known and unknown gotaways indicate mind-boggling number of illegal aliens entering U.S.…

No Monetary or Political Bailouts for Belt-and-Road Initiative Debtors

Did $1.2 trillion turn Africa into an economic powerhouse? It certainly did not.

Monday LIVE: Mideast on Edge as West Endures Border Invasion, Disastrous Economy

Watch & share this vital broadcast that’s loaded with exclusive information globalists DO NOT want you…