French Ambassador After Islamist Beheading: “France is a Muslim Country”


Actress Emily Ratajkowski Says She Won’t Reveal Baby’s Gender Until Child is 18

Shares concern over kid exerting its "white privilege".

Live: California’s 80+ Page Plan to Implement Operation Warp Speed Vaccination

Share this banned broadcast to join the fight to save free speech!

Video: Female Cop Run Over by BLM Mob in Philadelphia

Another night of looting and rioting.

“We’re Going to Make Sure Trump Leaves”: Leftists Plan to Storm DC After Election

Shut Down DC vows to target members of Congress at their homes.

Trump Is The Anti-War President

“No blood in the sand, much less expensive”

Trump: “Joe Biden is a Diehard Globalist”

"47 years plus he was a cheerleader for NAFTA, the worst trade deal ever made"

Biden Insider To Release Audio Of Operatives Begging Him To Keep Quiet About Corrupt Foreign Business Dealings

'You'll Bury Everyone Involved'

If the polls are EXACTLY as flawed as they were in 2016, this election will come right down to the wire

For many Republicans, Trump is a hero figure that transcends politics

FULL RELEASE: Ashley Biden Diary Reveals Child Sex Trauma, Drug Abuse, Resentment For Joe – Whistleblower

National File has exclusively released the full 112 pages of the diary our whistleblower identified as…

Michigan Election Workers Told To Dispose Of Ballots, Expel Poll Watchers

Election integrity in a vital Midwestern swing state is now in doubt

‘Let’s F**k Them Up!’ Black Lives Matter Riot, Loot And Run Down Police With An SUV In Philly

‘Let’s F**k Them Up!’ Black Lives Matter Riot, Loot And Run Down Police With An SUV…

AOC Tweets ‘Expand The Court,’ Ilhan Omar And Rashida Tlaib Follow

Cry harder!

They are going to go all-out in a desperate attempt to try to stop Trump from declaring victory

We are on the verge of widespread civil unrest

Former FBI Chief Tried To Warn You Of An Elite Satanic Pedophile Network, But You Didn’t Listen

But now you can find out all about it by watching this video