Leaked Letter: Global Transport Body Pushing Standardised Vaccine Passport on EU

IATA lobbying for “governments and authorities" to accept their vaccine passport framework

Video: Students Believe Trump, Not Biden, Said Uyghur Genocide A ‘Cultural Norm’ In China

Watch the reactions as they discover the truth

Activist On Sadiq Khan’s Woke Statue-Toppling Panel Quits After Anti-Semitic Posts Uncovered

Admits he's a full on BLM activist on way out the door

Pelosi Demands Biden Transfer Nuclear Codes To Democrats

Politicians continue to erase the US Constitution

Twitter Removes Accounts that “Undermine Faith in NATO”

'It took only two years to go from disappearing Milo and Alex Jones to banning content…

Image Shows School Band ‘Socially Distanced’ Inside Human Tents

Clown world strikes again.

Facebook Algorithm Accuses 81-Year-Old Grandmother of “Hate Speech” Over Knitted Pigs Comment

Threatens to ban her account.

Why? Biden Ends Trump Program Targeting Illegal Alien Sex Criminals

Some of America's worst offenders just got a lucky break thanks to the Biden administration

Fed Investigating Massive Outage Of Its Interbank Payment System

Is this The Great Reset?

Twitter Blocks Links to CPAC Website

Users told link is "unsafe."

DC Elitists Call Cops On Truck With ‘Don’t Tread On Me’ Plates, Fearing It May Be An ‘Insurrection Vehicle’

Residents of an elite Washington, D.C. neighborhood called the police to report a possible "insurrection vehicle."

Video Shocks The World! Alex Jones Predicted COVID Lockdown in 2010

Information like this is how Infowars established itself as tomorrow's news today

Liz Cheney Attacks Trump’s “America First” Foreign Policy

Cheney actually making Trump stronger through her constant attacks

Man Without Mask Assaulted, Tackled By Mask Nazis In Canada

Creepy mask hysteria continues at Canadian tire shop

Nancy Pelosi’s Daughter Targets SCOTUS Justice Clarence Thomas’ Wife Following Dissent

Daughter of US House Speaker suggests SCOTUS Justice's wife played role in 'deadly #Jan6 insurrection.'