Facebook Says Users Can Wish For Trump’s Death By COVID So Long As They Don’t Tag Him

"We distinguish between public figures and private individuals because we want to allow discussion."

Senior Trump Official: CNN’s Claim Trump Has Trouble Breathing Is Bogus And ‘Downright Disgraceful’

"Trump adviser said there is reason for concern about Trump's health tonight" - Acosta

President Trump NOT Taking Hydroxychloroquine After Positive COVID-19 Test

The President was admitted into hospital as a precautionary measure earlier today.

Presidential Debate Moderator Steve Scully Interned For Joe Biden, Reportedly Bashed Trump On Twitter

Scully served as an intern for then-Senator Joe Biden and as a staff assistant in Ted…

VIDEO: Crease Or Wire? Conservative Sleuths Claim Biden Wore Communication Device At Debate

Internet users wonder whether Joe Biden had a crease in his shirt or a cable leading…

Boogie2988 Fires Gunshots at Banned YouTuber Who Trolled Him for Months

Boogie2988 brandishes handgun, fires "warning shot" after infamous internet hassler shows up on his doorstep

Trump Campaign’s Brad Parscale Hospitalized After Threatening Suicide Attempt – Police

Parscale was hospitalized Sunday night after barricading himself in his home and threatening to self harm,…

VIDEO: Kamala Harris Says Tupac Is the ‘Best Rapper Alive’, Is Unable to Name Any Modern Artists

Harris appeared unable to name a single rapper, stuttering, "I mean there, so many, you know"

REPORT: Mueller Team Joked About Wiping Cellphones

An FBI agent who worked for the Special Counsel indicates Russia Probe team members blatantly joked…

Democrats Face 134 Counts Of Voter Fraud In Texas

The Texas Attorney General has charged four, including one county commissioner, with 134 counts of voter…

Homegrown Terrorists Loyal To ISIS Caught Targeting Trump Tower, NYSE

Two American citizens have been arrested and charged with conspiring to commit terrorist attacks in New…

President Trump Mocks Ralph ‘Michael Jackson’ Northam As He Tries To Win Virginia

Trump Unleashed!

Bail Project Tied to Antifa U-Haul Received Millions from Bill Gates, UMG, Jack Dorsey, Among Others

An employee of the Bail Project drove the U-Haul that provided Louisville rioters with supplies.

Twitter’s Jack Dorsey Funds Bail Project Linked to U-Haul Providing Supplies to Louisville Rioters

Dorsey's #startsmall intiative with the Clara Lionel Foundation gave $11 million in grants to various organisations…

REPORT: Soros-Linked Bail Project Employee Rented U-Haul That Handed Out Shields to Potential Rioters

Holly Zoller was caught admitting to driving the truck.