BREAKING: Tucker Carlson, Corey Stewart Discuss National File Exclusive, AT&T Lobbying To Work With CCP-Controlled Telecom Giant

"We were contacted by [former RNC Chair] Ed Gillespie, the executive vice president of AT&T, who…

BETWEEN THE LINES: Lindsey Graham Went To Florida, Begged Trump To Stop Fighting With Mitch McConnell

Graham says he wants President Trump to unite with Mitch McConnell.

Sidney Powell Promises ‘We Are NOT Done’ And ‘Irrefutable Proof’ Of Stolen Election ‘Is Coming Soon’

"Irrefutable proof is coming soon. Keep educating everyone about the facts."

EXCLUSIVE: AT&T Defends Doing Business With Genocidal Chinese Regime That Houses Uyghurs In Concentration Camps

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NAVARRO: Pence’s Right Hand Man Is ‘Anti-MAGA’, Told Pence To ‘Cut And Run’ From Trump, Constitution On Jan 6

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BREAKING: Trump To Speak At CPAC, Will Detail Future Of Republican Party

President Trump just confirmed he will speak about the future of the Republican Party at CPAC.

A Democrat Lost By Six Votes, Now The U.S. House May Throw Out Election Results To Let Her Win

Hillary Clinton's favorite lawyer, Marc Elias, is spearheading the effort to overturn an election and allow…

Trump Now Planning ‘Revenge Tour’ To Challenge Establishment Republicans With America First Candidates – Report

President Trump is planning a "revenge tour" to challenge establishment Republicans ahead of a potential 2024…

Creepy Pro-Biden ‘Oval Pawffice’ Twitter Account Gets Banned, Promptly Blames Newsmax’s Greg Kelly

The group begged - quite literally like dogs - for their Twitter account to be reinstated.

VIDEO: Australian Journalist Says Biden Is ‘Cognitively Compromised,’ Obviously ‘Struggling With Dementia’

"Even now after he's been sworn in, the media is still refusing to speak the truth…

80 Million Votes? Kamala’s Motorcade Welcomed To California By ONE Elderly Couple

Harris has just two supporters greet her as she arrives home in California.

GLOBAL WARMING: Kerry Says Paris Climate Accord Isn’t Enough, We Will All Die In 9 Years

John Kerry says the Paris Climate Accord is no longer enough, and we're all likely to…

BREAKING: Former Republican Presidential Candidate Bob Dole Diagnosed With Stage 4 Lung Cancer

The longtime U.S. Senator and former Republican candidate for president has been diagnosed with lung cancer…

2024 Hopeful Ted Cruz Skips Town, Goes To Cancun As Millions Of Texans Suffer Without Power

Ted Cruz skipped town in the middle of a power outage. He's vacationing in Cancun.