Sen. Ron Johnson, Kellyanne Conway Test Positive; 24 Infected In White House COVID-19 Outbreak

China Virus spreading among Executive Branch officials following Trump diagnosis.

Trump Order Seeks to Combat China’s Rare-Earth Minerals Dominance

EO declares "national emergency" in US mining industry

Coinbase Has A New Plan For Dealing With Office SJWs: Pay Them To Leave

"They have the potential to destroy a lot of value at most companies, both by being…

NYC Hammered By 40% Bankruptcy Surge

Cold weather predicted to trigger next wave of economic fallout

California Electric Vehicle Mandate Could “Lead to Disaster” for Fragile Power Grid

Gov. Newsom's decree creates 'nightmare' scenario

Second O’Keefe Video Drops: Alleged Cash-For-Ballot Transaction Caught On Tape, Ilhan Omar Accused Of Direct Involvement

“She's [Ilhan Omar] the one who came up with all this [pay-for-vote].”

Judge Restores Uber’s License To Operate In London, Its Biggest European Market

Decision ends long battle with taxi regulator

Colorado Encouraging Dead People, Non-Citizens to Vote

Secretary of State mailing postcards to ineligible recipients

Atlanta BLM Founder Arrested After Spending $200,000 In Donations On House, Entertainment, & Suits

32 year old Sir Maejor Page has been arrested by the FBI on fraud and money laundering…

Trump Again Calls For Pre-Debate ‘Drug Test’ Of ‘Sleepy Joe’

Biden's 'debate performances have been record-setting UNEVEN, to put it mildly. Only drugs could have caused…

German Professor Arrested After Speaking At “We Do Not Consent” Rally In London

UK brazenly cracking down on anti-COVID dissent even as pandemic wanes.

Chaotic Scene Unfolds As Car Plows Through Trump Supporters In California, Multiple Injuries Reported; Driver Arrested

At least two injuries were reported with one being taken away by an ambulance.

Trump Unveils “Platinum Plan” For Black Americans, Designates Antifa, KKK As “Terrorist Organizations”

The president’s daughter, Senior White House Adviser Ivanka Trump posted details of the plan on Twitter late…

John Legend Threatens To ‘Leave Country’ If Trump Reelected – After Buying $17.5 Million LA Mansion This Month

Legend joins a long tradition of Hollywood liberals who vow to leave the country over President…

Trump Admin Tells Sudan: Normalize Ties With Israel Or Else Stay On Terrorism List

Comes after Trump forged peace agreement between Israel, UAE and Bahrain.