Trump does NOT require ‘any supplemental oxygen’, but started on Remdesivir antiviral therapy – White House physician

"He has completed his first dose and is resting comfortably."

Trump Vows to Revoke ‘Ridiculous’ Gender-Sensitive Navy SEAL Changes Immediately

Navy removes gendered words like “brotherhood," “man” from official SEAL ethos

Why say ‘riot’ when you can be vague and sensitive instead, AP Stylebook urges in newest Orwellian guidelines

AP said the word somehow “suggests uncontrolled chaos and pandemonium.”

‘Life on Venus’ plot thickens as new discovery suggests NASA may have found life-indicating gas in 1978, they just forgot

There are no known natural processes that might explain the volume of the gas found

Gov. Newsom Approves Task Force on ‘Slavery Reparations’

Taxpayers wonder how ‘broke’ California will foot the bill

WATCH: Portland BLM ‘security’ tackles man to the ground, puts him in chokehold

At one point, a young white man was seen moving quickly through the crowd before being…

Facebook bans all US ads criticizing voting fraud, election results or methods after angry letter from Biden campaign

The campaign of Democrat nominee Joe Biden sent Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg an angry letter, accusing…

Pennsylvania Officials Joke About Wearing Masks for ‘Political Theater’

Hot mic captures governor, lawmaker admitting truth about face mask policies

Elon Musk Says No Covid-19 Vaccine For His Family, Blasts ‘Knucklehead’ Bill Gates

Tesla founder says coronavirus crisis has 'diminished his faith in humanity'

Journalist Tweets Kyle Rittenhouse Should Be ‘Stabbed to Death’ in Prison

Twitter slammed for lack of action after suspending users for defending Rittenhouse

Man uses BEDSHEET ROPE in attempted escape from Auckland Covid-19 quarantine facility

The individual, who had been deported from Australia, was holed up in Auckland’s Ramada Hotel for…

The Fight Begins: Dems Throw Laundry List of Doom, Gloom & Disqualifiers at Trump’s SCOTUS Pick Barrett to Block Confirmation

'This nomination threatens the destruction of life-saving protections for 135 million Americans,' says Nancy Pelosi.

Atlanta fraudster set up ‘Black Lives Matter’ group, pocketed $200,000 in donations – FBI

Page claimed that donations to his organization would be used "for George Floyd"

‘We Do Not Consent’: London Rally Against COVID-19 Lockdowns Draws Huge Crowds

Thousands gather at Trafalgar Square to protest UK's authoritarian measures.

Church Sues DC Mayor for ‘Celebrating Mass Protests’ While Banning Outdoor Worship

Baptist church files discrimination suit against pro-BLM mayor