Leaked Letter: Global Transport Body Pushing Standardised Vaccine Passport on EU

IATA lobbying for “governments and authorities" to accept their vaccine passport framework

Video: Students Believe Trump, Not Biden, Said Uyghur Genocide A ‘Cultural Norm’ In China

Watch the reactions as they discover the truth

Activist On Sadiq Khan’s Woke Statue-Toppling Panel Quits After Anti-Semitic Posts Uncovered

Admits he's a full on BLM activist on way out the door

Watch: MSNBC Compares GOP Congresswoman To Osama Bin Laden For Displaying Guns

"It communicates that they're committed to, or at the very least open to the possibility of…

It’s OK When They Do It: Democrats Putting Kids In ‘Cages’ Again

AOC says 'it's not OK', but doesn't fly to the border to scream through a chain…

Video: Australian Senator Slams Government For ‘Buckling’ To Facebook

"You weakened the power the minister has because Facebook bullied you"

Former Clinton Adviser: America Becoming ‘Totalitarian State’ Under Biden

"Characteristic of totalism fascism in the '20's"

Democrats Demand To Know Why Cable Companies Don’t CENSOR Conservative Media

"Are you planning to continue carrying Fox News, OANN, and Newsmax on your platform both now…

North Dakota House Votes To Make Mask Mandates Illegal

“Our state is not a prison camp”

USA Today Poll: Republicans Willing To Ditch GOP For Trump

Only 19% say they side with establishment Republicans

Fauci: Masks On Into 2022; Return to Normality “Depends What You Mean By Normality”

"Normality for Fauci means 'the show is over'"

Scientists: Vaccination Before EVERY Holiday May Be Needed

"The sort of criteria that might be introduced... is that when one travels internationally for a…

German University Study: Most Likely COVID Came From Wuhan Lab Leak

World renowned scientist says artificial origin theory "must urgently become the subject of a public debate”

This Country Will Fine Anyone Who Refuses COVID Vaccine…

Will also refuse government services for the unvaccinated

Congressmen: Swamp Pushing Fake QAnon Threat To Keep DC Under ‘Occupation’

"Trump isn’t getting reinstated until after he wins the 2024 election."