Meanwhile, 74% of Americans are worried about los of freedom

While three quarters of Americans expressed fear for their future freedoms, presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden said Wednesday that he is ‘excited’ at the ‘opportunities’ that coronavirus is bringing with it for ‘institutional change’.

Biden made the comment during a video conference fundraiser, saying that the coronavirus outbreak is exciting because it will allow “institutional changes” to be made without the US “becoming a ‘socialist country,’ or any of that malarkey.”

“The blinders have been taken off, because of this COVID crisis,” Biden said, adding “We have a chance to really move the ball forward in the next three or four years.”

Beyond ‘education’, what other institutional changes Biden meant is unclear.

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At a fundraiser, @JoeBiden says the pandemic has made people realize some of “the institutional changes we can make-without us becoming a socialist country or any of that malarkey.

One can only infer that what Biden means is that this crisis will allow Democrats to force their far-left political agenda without as much push back.

Indeed, we already witnessed this in March when Nancy Pelosi delayed a $2 trillion relief package while stuffing the legislation with things like race and gender quotas for companies, mandatory mail-in voting, a $15 federal minimum wage, extreme emissions standards for airlines, collective bargaining, and more.

Pelosi’s shameful holding up of the Paycheck Protection Program, while isolating in her own luxury, also prompted the GOP to dub her Nancy Antoinette:

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After Democrats blocked more funding for the Paycheck Protection Program, many Americans’ refrigerators are nearly empty. Nancy Pelosi doesn’t care. She’s got a $24,000 fridge full of $13-per-pint ice cream. #NancyAntoinette

Biden, whose mental health has come under increased scrutiny, himself recently claimed that the coronavirus scare is “Helping his numbers”:

When asked if the virus spread had hurt his campaign, Biden said “Based on the polling data, it’s helped me.”

He took a swipe at President Trump, adding “The more he speaks, the more my numbers go up.”

“I’m not being facetious.” Biden added.

Imagine the meltdown that would ensue if Trump said this.

While Democrats are excited about using the coronavirus crisis to their advantage, everyday Americans are extremely worried that  ‘stay an home’ orders and lockdown restrictions have been too draconian, and are rapidly eroding freedoms.

A new Hill-HarrisX poll notes that “More than 7 in 10 voters fear losing freedoms due to the coronavirus pandemic, though exposure to the virus topped concerns overall.”

In total, 74% are ultimately more worried about the government taking away their rights amid the pandemic.

The poll further found that 48% are worried about losing their jobs, and 35% fear having to re-locate as a result of the pandemic.

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